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Employees with **
- are living and working in the HUBZone
Employees with *
- are working in the HUBZone and live outside of the HUBZone
Employees with no stars
- are neither working or living in the HUBZone
Leadership Team:

Brent Lillard*
Co-Founder & CEO
office: 434.326.0660
cell: 703.973.2702

Hamza Durrani**
Co-Founder & CFO
office: 434.326.4236
cell: 434.227.0988

Glenn Willard*
office: 434.326.0565
cell: 540.718.4249

Adam Deane*
Sr. VP - Business Dev.
office: 434.326.4233
cell: 703.608.7039

Bryson Kirby**
Director of Sales
office: 434.326.0439
cell: 434.426.7560
Field Team:

Josh Breen
Channel Director
office: 434.326.4248
cell: 202.821.7116

Rich Reif
Sr. Account Executive
office: 757.447.4681
cell: 757.384.0314

Keith Williams
Sr. Account Executive
office: 757.447.4654
cell: 757.405.7174

Rod Francisco
Sr. Federal BD Executive
cell: 703.955.2864
fax: 434.326.5394

Stowe Perry**
Account Executive
office: 434.326.4246
cell: 703.346.5501

Shaun Kennedy
Account Executive
office: 434.326.5520
cell: 808.237.0699

Lancelot Riley
Cisco CCNP R&S
CCNA Wireless / CCDA

Ronnie Irizarry
Cisco CCNP R&S

Navdip Atwal
Cisco CCIE
Voice/Data Center

John Burton
Cisco CCNP
R&S / Security

Francisco Solano
Cisco CCIEx4 (R&S, Sec, WiFi, SP) / CCDE

David Larson
BDM - Additive Manufacturing
office: 434.326.0564
cell: 703.973.4148

Nathan Thompson
Additive Manufacturing Technician (3D-Printing)

Cisco Support
Inside Team:

Tom Barrow
General Counsel
office: 434.266.6888
cell: 757.692.7883

Ryan Payne**
Inside Sales Rep
office: 434.326.0580
cell: 703.919.3504

James Dahlheimer
Inside Sales Rep
office: 434.326.1913
cell: 330.242.4908

Thomas O'Connell
Inside Sales Rep
office: 434.326.0263

Jason Gaviria*
Account Manager
office: 434.326.1771
cell: 607.643.1764

Zach Palmer**
Account Manager
office: 434.202.6235
cell: 434.806.1783

Andrew Polson*
Account Manager
office: 434.326.0420
cell: 434.229.3834

Jesse Smith**
ISS Team Lead
office: 434.326.0436
cell: 434.270.9420

Justin Franklin
Inside Sales Support
office: 434.266.6887
cell: 434.906.4391

Robbie Lillard
Inside Sales Support
office: 434.326.4937
cell: 804.516.0147

Cullen Cargile
Inside Sales Support
office: 434.326.0262
cell: 434.270.9420

Mohammad Merwais**
Inside Sales Support
office: 434.326.0332
cell: 434.466.9046

Alex Ragland
Inside Sales Support
office: 434.326.0911
cell: 434.414.6777

Nancy Dozier
Inside Sales Support
cell: 757.447.4216

Ralph Fermoselle
Internet Marketing Specialist
cell: 540.219.2915

Pat Robinette
Program Manager
office: 434.326.0261
Independent Telemarketing Team:

Ricky Billones
Independent Lead Generation Manager
office: 434.218.1213
fax: 434.326.5394
Accounting Support Team:

Daniel Smith*
Director of Accounting
office: 434.326.1685
cell: 540.222.8835

Mary McMurtrey*
Resource Manager
office: 434.326.0571
cell: 804.397.0993

Emily Lincoln**
Director of Purchasing
office: 434.326.1811
cell: 434.607.3937

Toni Dowell**
Accounting Administration
office: 434.326.0567
cell: 434.227.2154

Wafi Niazi**
Accounts Receivable
office: 434.326.0787
fax: 434.326.5394

Anna Marie Lanciano
Accounts Payable
office: 434.326.5615
cell: 423.242.5064

Samantha Geer
Purchasing Assistant
office: 434.326.0265
cell: 423.384.7836

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