Digital Signage & AV

GovSmart offers digital signage and audio/video solutions for most business and government applications.

Conference and teleconference rooms and capabilities
Digital signage walls
Restaurant Menu Boards
Commercial displays and projectors
Education and collaboration systems

Some specific GovSmart solutions include:

Medical Consultation Suite

System Description

The Medical Consultation Suite design helps support a medical environment requiring direct consultation with staff, experts, and/or patients with enhanced data display capabilities. GovSmart offers up to a large format utra-high definition (UHD) touch screen monitor. UHD monitors provide extremely detailed resolution useful for detailed examination of X-Ray and MRI images. The touch screen capabilities offer easy arrangement of displayed material on the screen and window size modification with a touch of the finger.

Systems can include video teleconferencing capabilities for connecting with specialists and remote patients to support telemedicine services. High quality headphones are included for increased audio acuity when needed and confidential conversions. The entire system is packaged in a roll-in workstation that can be installed in a matter of hours, and use is intuitive requiring no specialized training.

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Virtual Teleconference Systems – Executive Suite to Large Size Rooms

System Description

Teleconferencing is made easier than ever with GovSmart’s teleconference solutions. GovSmart’s designs sport executive-level room layouts with ultra-high definition displays, pan-tilt-zoom (PTZ) conferencing camera, microphones, speakers, and streaming capabilities. To make the most out of the space, GovSmart is able to furnish this executive suite with credenzas, equipment racks, power distribution, and touch control panels to function seamlessly with audio-visual system components.

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