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GovSmart is a premier firearms and tactical equipment distributor and reseller. GovSmart sells the technology and tactical equipment for law enforcement to succeed. Through years of experience and sales to the nearly every federal agency, GovSmart possesses the right capabilities to keep your mission on track.

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GovSmart specializes in and is partnered with Beretta.

Beretta and GovSmart share the same mission:
  • Provide military, law enforcement customers and organizations with the solutions that best fit their needs.
  • Be a single, unified point of reference, thanks to the combined expertise of our member companies. Listen to the customers’ requirements and match their needs with the best-possible products, services and support.
  • Integrate solutions for a cost-effective proposal.
  • Be much more than a vendor–an active solutions partner on whom to count on in the short, middle, and long term.

APX Series

The Beretta APX Series striker fire pistols are specifically designed for military and law enforcement operators. The APX series stands out of the crowd with superior durability, reliability, ergonomics, modularity, and trigger feel.

APX Series
APX full size | APX Centurion | apx compact | APX Carry
1301 Tactical

1301 Tactical: Ultimate Reliability for Home-Defense, Law-Enforcement

The 1301 is Beretta’s new gas operated semi-automatic shotgun designed for law-enforcement. This shotgun is engineered to be ultra-reliable and easy to use, it has all the features that a modern tactical shotgun should offer—and more. And thanks to its compact size, it is ideal for negotiating tight spaces.

1301 Tactical


A special development for law enforcement sniper application. The rifle is based on Sako’s famous Tikka T3 bolt action construction but made to meet the challenging requirements of long range tactical shooting. The T3x TAC A1 provides straight-forward performance and ruggedness with just the right amount of adjustability and absolute precision, all in a light-weight and compact package. The aluminum chassis stock system offers a foldable rear stock with quick adjustable cheek piece and adjustable length of pull. Picatinny rail on the receiver provides a solid platform for day scope mounting and an AR-type for-end for NVD, LAD and other accessories. The muzzle is threaded (M18x1) for attaching a muzzle brake and/or a suppressor. Silky smooth bolt operation provides flawless feeding from the steel box magazines. The aluminum chassis stock system is compatible with most common AR-15 type fore-ends, pistol grips and rear stocks, making the rifle fully modular for all operational requirements.